Miracle City Marvels

Troy#1: Enter Megavolt!

Where one hero emerges another is not far behind...

Troy sweated as he tossed and turned in the small single bed.
Images came and went like they always did but ever since his therapist had taken him off his prescription the visions were growing clearer every night and every morning he found himself fatigued as if he had almost spent the entire night awake in the grip of some forgotten nightmare…
Not tonight, this time he briefly saw flashes of a mall and of his former wife waiting probably for her new husband who continued to make life difficult for him even though he had everything he wanted hadn’t he?
Two figures dealing drugs around the corner no real difference from some scenes he had visited both before his coma when he was still a cop and after he awakened and started his career as a private investigator.
However two other figures approached these even though no different in outlook were garbed in some fancy clothing worthy of an old style gangster family, the pair confront the drug dealers and then one draws a gun as a third figure this one hidden from his viewpoint of the scene stretched both hands and whilst one of the gunmen flew upwards the other collapsed as if suffering a heart attack.
Screaming fills the mall and desperately the airborne thug opens fire hitting several people in the crowd as one of the drug dealers calmly removes the gun carried by the other gangster and shoots first him and then the airborne rival before turning the gun on an approaching guard.
Their enforcer turns his attention to the crowd exasperating the panic by turning his powers on a few of the people present causing the rest to flee in terror causing more injuries as the trio finally deciding enough was enough headed out via an emergency exit.
Troy woke up….


Melody agreed to his request to accompany him, but the mall apparently wasn’t what she was thinking about.

The scene was identical to his dream at least at start, but this time his ex-wife was accompanied by their children shocked even as he saw the well dressed gangsters approach the drug dealers he asked Melody to accompany his kids back to their mother keeping them all out of harm’s way as Troy tried to talk them out of the coming carnage and found himself acting as a go between trying to persude both groups that it was better to leave this another day.

The well dressed pair were fine with the idea especially after Troy inferred he had been sent because they were being set up by an unknown party, however the drug dealers and their enforcer refused to cooperate and unlike his dream another figure turned up.

Some kind of burst of electricity announced the newcomer’s arrival the enforcer turned his powers on the newcomer and one of the gangsters fearing a similar end to his dream Troy intervened and was shocked to find he was far stronger than the enforcer who was sent reeling out of the door behind the newcomer!

Faced with an electrical wielding hero the drug dealers chose to attack him, however intincts drew him aside of their blows and with the newcomer’s help they were both knocked out.
Then their enforcer returned but he was soon overwhelmed dodging the newcomer’s electrical blasts setting him up for an uppercut that left him out cold.

The guard he had previously seen shot to death turned up and calming his fears of further violence Troy turned to insure the well dressed gangsters would pursue the matter no further whilst the newcomer calling himself “Megavolt” left with the powered enforcer.

With Melody attending to his ex-wife and kids he kept an eye on the unconscious drug dealers’ so they posed no problem to the guard until his help arrived before turning to make sure Melody and the others were alright.

Melody stood alone.

He apologised as he approached her.
“Are they alright?” he asked looking around.
“She left with the kids a little after you started talking with those four, are you buying drugs, Cassius?” Melody asked.
“N-no, my dream involved them getting into a firefight and causing a panic, fortunately it didn’t happen, if you don’t mind we can head somewhere else now if you want?” he asked.
“No,” she answered back firmly.
“I think we ought to call it a night at least you can explain some of the details whilst i run you home and perhaps tomorrow you can discuss the with the rest of the group?” she suggsted.
Troy almost winced it was clear Melody was angry, maybe being made to accompany his kids hadn’t been a bright idea but he wasn’t willing to risk her life not when he still didn’t understand the ramifications of his dreams.
Then there was that mention of the Octofather, the reaction of Megavolt indicated it meant something important but it had been the first time he had ever heard the name.

Someone was willing to start a drug war in the neighbourhood and if this Octofather was as powerful as it seemed it meant whoever was behind those three may be just as dangerous.

All he hoped for was a good nights sleep, but he doubted it would ever happen…




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